I'm a designer...and a writer. They're related; I promise.

Design is really just the way parts of a whole are organized, isn't it? (Don't answer that. If another voice joins my internal monologue, I'll start to worry.) I'm convinced that thoughtful consideration of distinct-but-related elements is just as applicable to tangible objects and spaces as it is to words and ideas. And so I manipulate and arrange both elements of the physical world, and representations of them– sometimes separately, sometimes together–for an audience. I help to communicate opinions, information, stories, hopes, dreams, fears, goals, expectations, strokes of genius, manifestos, and agendas– sometimes my own, sometimes others'. 

How do I do that, exactly? Well, I'm a sometimes-photographer, an other-times production designer for indie films and theater, and an occasional freelance writer for places like Skift TableFast Company, Shaker & SpoonEdible, and Purewow. Makes sense, right? Ok, if you want to answer that one, feel free at